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Obsessed: Pussycat Matte Lipstick from Tom Ford

When luxury and matte lip color meet its a lethal combination!  Tom Ford’s new Matte Lipsticks are divine!!!  There are 8 colors  of the new lipstick formula that are a permanent addition to the collection.

The eight colors include:

Pink Tease
Plum Lush
First Time
Black Dahlia
Ruby Rush
Velvet Cherry
I don’t have all the colors so here are some swatches from www.lolssecretbeautyblog.com

My favorite out of the bunch is Pussycat, its such a beautiful color.  I own a lot of lipsticks and honestly since I’ve gotten Pussycat it has become my go-to, I keep reaching for it every time I need to head out.   It’s one of those colors that always looks good and the number of compliments or questions I get as to which lipstick I’m wearing is crazy….everyone’s asking!  The color is great for light to medium desi skin tones, its just one of those colors our skin tones love.

I like how the tone of the lipstick is a mauve pink, it’s not too barbie or bright but not too dull either.  It’s a great color for any event or just for day-to-day.



I gave this lipstick 10/10 because it truly deserves it: texture, finish, packaging, longevity…everything about this lipstick is perfect.


What do you think of the color?

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