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15th Annual International Indian Film Awards 2014, popularly known as the IIFA were held in Tampa, Florida, U.S.A and was one occasion where the famously flamboyant Bollywood stars got together for a night long filmy celebration much like  the ones that happen on our very own desi land.  Ending in the wee hours of morning but with a difference only that it was held here on an international (firangi) soil.


Well everyone knows whatever Hollywood does is copied by Bollywood insanely for instance Priyanka Chopra made some subtle effort to look little bit on the lines of Angelina Jolie’s look of the recently concluded Oscars. Looks like she has had a complete makeover since she became the Guess India Ambassador and recently revealed her solo album.

image (2)

And the selfie craze cannot be ignored, well thanks to Ellen, Bollywood doesn’t need much photographers now :p

image (6)

 image (7)

 image (8)

But on a serious and a positive note we made John Travolta and Kevin Spacey dance to our desi tunes.


Kevin Spacy joined the ravishing Deepika Padukone to do a Lungi Dance number from her movie Chennai Express. And John Travolta joined Miss Piggy chops ( as Priyanka Chopra is fondly called) to shake a leg on the stage floor.

image (1)

A sneek peek of the night.

 image (3)

image (5)

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