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How to Fix a Bad Haircut


We all have those times where the hairdresser totally takes one inch equivalent to three, or side angles your bangs instead of making a fringe. If you’re one of those with no complaints, either you’re really lucky, or you’ve got an excellent hairdresser. I’m not saying other hairdressers are bad, just some hairdressers might misinterpret what you want and you end up having something no one would want


Whatever the case is, when we face the mirror with badly chopped hair, there’s no way to feel better about it. Especially since our hair is supposed to define our beauty; make it or break it.

Not to worry, we have a few ways that might work, so don’t lose hope!

    Sometimes with all that blowdrying that’s supposed to make your hair flashy and nice, it doesn’t turn out to be quite so great. Head home and wash your hair. See how it looks and style it yourself. Give your hair some time and figure out what goes best: hair tied or hair down, pins or no pins, and so on and so forth.
    Experiment with different hair products. Sometimes flat hair would compliment your face, other times, not so much. Switch around some hair products and see what goes best for you.
    Get that hair curler and see how it works for you. Style your hair into something you love and with so many different tools on the market, you’re bound to find something you fall for.
    If you feel like your hair’s too short, clip on some extensions without making it long term. 
  5. PIN IT
    If your bangs went wrong – and it has often, for me – just pin them up. Sure, they might look messy, but a lot neater than letting them down.
If none work, embrace it! It happens sometimes. We all have those bad hair days, although those are ‘days’, you’d say. At the end of the day, it is just hair and it will grow out. Oil it, take care of them and rock your new hairstyle with confidence. (:

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