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Weight Loss: Why You Should NOT Skip Out On Your Breakfast!

 If you are someone who thinks skipping breakfast will help you lose weight, think again! Studies show that eating breakfast helps weight loss and is associated with better weight control. Breakfast eaters tend to eat fewer calories, less saturated fat and cholesterol and have better overall nutritional status, throughout the day, as compared to breakfast skippers.

When you skip breakfast, your metabolic rate slows down and your blood sugar drops. As a result, you become hungry and have less energy. This sets you up to impulsively snack in the morning — often on high-fat sweets — to eat extra servings, or even bigger portions at lunch or dinner. We tend to try to over compensate during lunch and dinner and eat more quantities.
Eating breakfast every day may reduce the risk for obesity and insulin resistance syndrome — an early sign of developing diabetes — by as much as 35 to 50 percent, according to a study presented at a recent American Heart Association conference. In addition, the prolonged fasting that occurs when you skip breakfast can increase your body’s insulin response, which in turn increases fat storage and weight gain.
In fact, skipping breakfast actually increases your risk of obesity.
The science behind having breakfast and its effect on weight gain is quite clear. A healthy breakfast is quite important for a healthy diet and to keep you healthy in general.

Dont skip breakfast if you want to loose weight, or well, even maintain a healthier lifestyle!

Written by: Almamoun Alsingthi

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