Top 6 Makeup Salons In Karachi!


Would Karachi be the same without all it’s beautiful, strong-willed and absolutely amazing women?  We think not!  All of us deserve sometime to pamper ourselves and feel good. The best of grooming services help this in many ways. It isn’t about masking your natural beauty; but about giving you the confidence to look your best without hiding your natural features.

Karachi has an exhaustive list of beauty salons, but we’ve done our research and brought you the best of them.


Natasha Salon

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When you know they’ve been nominated for a Lux Style Award, you know these guys are worth a visit. Natasha Salon is a family business and was started just a few years ago by mother & daughter trio: Hina, Nastasha and Sabrina.  They has been trendsetters in the Pakistan beauty industry and cater to a huge range of women with just a promise – they make you look your best. Just take a look at their Facebook page which features real pictures of real brides and you will fall in love with their well known 10o Watt Skin.  Natasha’s makeup is known for her pearly glow, radiant skin, flushed cheeks and the sensual eye makeup all done perfectly.  Their hair is the BEST in Karachi, often mimicked but never duplicated. Sabrina from Natasha salon has proven to be a maestro in hair.  She creates beauty in imperfection and has headed the trend of fishtail bridal hair in Pakistan.  Though the salon has only been around for a few years, they have definitely created a huge name for themselves.  Well done!

This salon has very high-profile clients like Faryal Makhdoom, Humaima Malick, Annie Jaffery and soon-to-be-seen-in-Bollywood Mahira Khan to name a few. Now you know where to go if you want your makeup to look as flawless as the celebs!


Bridal Package without services

40,000 PKR

Bridal Package with services

45,000 PKR

Party Makeup

20,000 PKR

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Sabs – the Salon

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Sabs is known as the “bridal factory” in Karachi with bridals popping out their door left, right and center! With a long history in the beauty industry; Sabs is one of the most popular bridal artists in Karachi.  Sabs makeup is known to be the “safe bet”: you know you’ll look good once you leave the salon.  Due to its popularity like many of the salons mentioned on this list: Make sure you call in advance if you want to make an appointment.

Sabs is a ‘force to be reckoned with’ in Karachi and is well known for makeup in some of the hottest ad campaigns and are often responsible for the faces gracing the front cover of top notch magazines.  If you’d like to get your wedding or party makeup done by them, do ask for Qadir, he’s exceptionally good.

Bridal Package without Services

25,000 PKR (Saba Ansari)

20,000 PKR (Qadir – Head Makeup Artist)

Bridal Package with Services

30,000 PKR (Saba Ansari)

22,000 PKR (Qadir – Head Makeup Artist)

Party Makeup

7,500 PKR (Qadir – Head Makeup Artist) – Includes Hair Style, Nail color and Lash Application

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Bina Khan

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No list of the best salons in Karachi would be complete without a worthy mention of Bina Khan.  She is known for the simplicity in her makeup looks.  Simple soft eyeshadow, thin eyeliner and clean flawless skin is some of the key notes to her makeup.  Bina Khan makeup will NEVER be over the top and that’s the beauty of her work: Simple perfection!

Bridal Package without services

38,500 PKR

Bridal Package with services

Book two or more events then the bridal services are free, if you book only one event then you get 25% discount on the bridal services.

Party Makeup

11,ooo PKR (Bina Khan)

7,700 PKR (Staff)

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With an impeccable reputation in the industry for gorgeous bridals, Shamain brides stand out from the crowd.  Shamain is known for satisfaction.  Read reviews from her past clients and you’ll see a strong level of satisfaction from her brides.  Industry hotshots also claim that “Nobody does bridals like Shamain”.

Bridal Package without services

50,000PKR (Shamain)

No staff does bridal makeup

Bridal Package with services

Book two or more events then the bridal services are free, if you book only one event then you get 25% discount on the bridal services.

Party Makeup

20,000PKR (Shamain)

6000 PKR (Staff)



Depilex Beauty Clinic and Institute

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25 branches in Pakistan, and one each in the UAE , USA and Canada – Depilex started off as a dream in 1980 by Masarrat Misbah. Today it is chain of beauty outlets offering a host of service for women around the world. The brand soon plans to open stores in England.  The decades and succession of the Depilex brand speaks about the integrity and effort that goes into making sure they offer quality services. Pioneers in the beauty and makeup industry in Pakistan, Depilex is always a good choice. They KNOW what they are doing!

They offer some wonderful herbal and beauty services, alongside professional makeup artistry and training for budding MUAs.

Bridal Package without services

25,000 PKR (Nighat Misbah)

15,000 PKR (Staff)

Bridal Package with services

30,000 PKR (Nighat Misbah)

22,000 PKR (Staff)

Party Makeup

12,000 PKR (Nighat Misbah)

7000 PKR (Staff)

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N- Pro or Nabila Pro is the leading hair, nails and beauty salon in Karachi.  Each stylist here undergoes rigorous training to perfect the skill they provide. Nabila is also a pioneer in the Beauty Industry in Karachi and was initially popularized because of her skill in hair.  Makeup at Nabila’s is also very popular and is known for a modern bridal look.  Ask for Bushra if you plan a visit here for Makeup services, she’s really good and a lot of people have given her good reviews.

Nabila offers all the traditional hair and beauty services; they also have a really good manicure menu.

Noteworthy – They also have a men’s division that caters to men’s grooming needs.

Bridal Package without services

22,000 – 32,000 PKR (Depending on the artist requested)

Bridal Package with services

Add 6000-9000 PKR Depending on the services

Party Makeup

12,000 – 18,000 (Depending on artist) – Hair is included

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Have you been to any of these salons ? Do share your experience with us!



  1. Neha

    January 6, 2015 at 7:25 pm

    i feel u should have kept the list to top 5 and remove deplix as they dont deserve to be on this list….they used to be the best in pakistan but they became commercial minded….or i dont know what but its sad as my mother and i and my sis have great memories of a relaxing day at deplix and so many of friends for their shadi makeup from them before but now no one i hope they change

    • atya

      January 8, 2015 at 6:53 am

      deplix as they dont deserve yes neha you are right same happened with me and my sister in law quality of makeup is very poor and also service

  2. Rukhsana Mir

    January 6, 2015 at 9:14 pm

    Great! very informative I wish there was an article like this before I got married, I remember being so lost on where to go, and I went to Nabila’s (Altaf) and everything was flawless and perfect!

    • Nilo Haq

      Nilo Haq

      January 7, 2015 at 12:48 pm

      Altaf is very good as well. Everyone at Nabila’s is awesome!

  3. Hajra Hayat

    January 6, 2015 at 9:22 pm

    I LOVE this blog!!!! I got ready at Sabs and Natasha for my shadi and walima and I loved the makeup of the both days but Natasha’s makeup looked amazing in pictures and a bit over done in real life while Sabs was the opposite.

    • Nilo Haq

      Nilo Haq

      January 7, 2015 at 12:48 pm

      <3 thank you for the feedback

  4. Aamina

    January 9, 2015 at 7:15 pm

    Great list! I recently got married and these were the names that kept coming up again and again when I was researching make up artists. However, I ended up going to Shaheen Saeed and she did an exceptional job. Shes humble and definitely knows what she’s doing. I’ve never seen a bride by her that hasn’t looked amazing

  5. Sidrah

    January 10, 2015 at 7:37 pm

    It would be awesome if you could do a list of Lahore’s best. In the last two years Ive gone to Alle Nora’s and Madeehas for two different weddings (3 days each at each salon) and was really not impressed with their makeup. I felt like they go for a really white look even on party makeup even though i have quiet a bronze complexion. My sister and cousin are getting married at the end of the year. It would be awesome to know what other places in Lahore are of good service and quality.

  6. Maria

    January 13, 2015 at 6:59 pm


    It would be really great if you could do a list of best Salons in Gujrat or Gujrawalan

  7. NH

    February 17, 2015 at 12:43 am

    Not having lived in Karachi for almost 20 years, I was at a loss when we decided to get married in Karachi. I refused to try any of the big commercial places for fear of a chalky white bridal look.. After researching with local people, I finally decided to go with Wajid Khan for my wedding and Shaheen Saeed for the valima. I loved both looks with Wajid going a more natural route (exactly what I wanted) but hair and makeup were both done in 45 mins with the makeup FLAWLESS and I didn’t have to worry about touchups, and he did my dupatta so well I felt like I was floating. I reallly loved it!
    Shaheen’s eye makeup was AMAZING.. but I felt a little caked although it did look wonderful in pictures. The dupatta was an epic fail as I had a really heavy one and they didn’t pin it properly (resulting in a migraine within an hour!) so I had to re pin myself. Also, Shaheen’s is a little overwhelming as she is very particular about how everything is done. However, she has done multiple events in my family and everyone has been incredibly pleased with the results!
    Overall, a great experience with both and my pictures were amazing!

  8. Sarwat

    August 20, 2016 at 12:57 pm

    Hey nilo haq i want to know about your rates of bridal pakages with services and without services aswel as how can i contact you and where your saloon is in khi??

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