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Rimmel Provocalips With New Assets!


Hey TROUBLE MAKER, get ready to provoke attention with those luscious LIPS! Rimmel introduces new Provocalips, an exclusive two-step lip colour for a kiss-proof, trouble proof pout.

Step one: slick on WOW colour.

                                             Step two: lock it in with INCREDIBLE shine and moisture.

Be as fun, flirty and fearless as you dare – there’s ZERO trace. Your lips WON’T tell a soul!

Rimmel Provocalips - model shot 2

Provocalips delivers hi-impact endless colour with a delectably glossy finish. The intense colour is locked in place for up to 16 hours. It’s kiss-proof, food-proof and transfer-proof, only coming off when you want it to, so you can go WILD without a trace.

This vibrant stay-put colour feels as good as it looks. The ultra-comfortable formula is so lightweight and flexible that it adapts to the movement of your lips. There’s no tightness or dryness. Instead, lips feel sensationally smooth and moisturised all day long. What’s not to love?

Rimmel Provocalips_Group Shot-47aed-Boots,lifestyle,Carrefour,Max circle

Provocative lips are as easy as 1, 2… there’s no 3! First, apply the wow-worthy colour to bare lips and allow to dry. Second, apply the gloss-like top coat to lock in colour, moisture and shine. This clear gloss top coat can be reapplied throughout the day for an added burst of lustre and moisture. And when you want to take off the lip colour, simply use an oil-based make-up remover.

The 10 seductively rich Provocalips shades are designed to bring out your inner-femme fatale.


Do you… Dare to Pink #110 (rose tint), get ready to Pucker Up #120 (pink rose), you Little Minx #310 (Fuchsia). Why don’t you Kiss Me You Fool #500 (bright red) as seen on our very own Rimmel gal, Georgia May Jagger who runs around with her boyfriend in East London causing trouble with those kiss proof lips! Whichever provocative mood you’re in, there’s a shade for you.

Rimmel Provocalips_Group Shot-47aed-Boots,lifestyle,Carrefour,Max copy

The slim double-ended Provocalips pack looks lip-smackingly good! One end is opaquely colored to match the shade inside; the other is white and covered in mischievous lips! The central section, which houses two slanted-tipped applicators, is sleek black and embellished with the distinctive Rimmel logo.

See it, love it, get it!

Dare to provoke, dare to have fun, dare to be a trouble maker. Whatever happens, your hi-impact, shiny Provocalips won’t tell. Get the London look.


 Rimmel Provocalips_500_47aed-Boots,lifestyle,Carrefour,Max - open bottle 2 Rimmel Provocalips_500_47aed-Boots,lifestyle,Carrefour,Max - open bottle

Rimmel introduces new Provocalips, an exclusive two-step lip colour that locks in hi-impact colour with incredible shine and moisture. Go wild without a trace – your lips won’t tell!

Step one: Apply the colour to bare lips and allow to dry.
Step two: Apply the clear gloss top coat to lock in colour, moisture and shine.

• The intense, vibrant colour lasts for up to 16 hours – it’s kiss-proof, food-proof and transfer-proof, only coming off when you want it to.
• The non-drying, lightweight formula is ultra-comfortable to wear. Lips feel smooth and moisturised.

GEORGIA provocalips



Dare to Pink #110
Pucker Up #120


I’ll Call You #200
Kiss Fatal #230

Little Minx #310

Kiss Me You Fool #500
Play With Fire #550

Heart Breaker #750

Make Your Move #730
Skinny Dipping #700


Which Provocalips are you lusting after ladies?

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