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Review: New Olay Regenerist CC Cream Complexion Corrector

Olay Regenerist CC Cream
  • Product 10 out of 10
  • Texture 10 out of 10
  • Tone 10 out of 10
  • Color 10 out of 10
  • Finish 10 out of 10

New Olay Regenerist CC cream Complexion Corrector is the new must-have in skincare and a natural evolution to this year’s BB trend. First developed in Korea, the new cream has been designed to help and inspire women to replicate the even, fresh, ‘to die for’ complexions of their Asian counterparts. With more sophisticated and increased skincare ingredients, the cream provides more but still sheer coverage along with skin perfection now and over time.

New Olay Regenerist CC Cream is for women who want instant skin perfection and even skin-tone for dramatically younger-looking skin, and a skin tone that becomes more even day after day! With a light silky texture, this new generation, complexion perfecting hybrid balances skin tone and grants complexions a gorgeous even tone.

Olay’s New Regenerist CC Cream is an all-in-one corrective skin solution which combines:

  • Penetrating serum
  • SPF 15 moisturizer
  • Sheer foundation



New Olay Regenerist CC cream Complexion Corrector is the first and only CC cream that has a breakthrough 3-in-1 swirl system blending 3 proven elements to provide dramatically younger looking skin:

  • Instantly – skin is hydrated and complexion perfected with an everyday light finish
  • In 2 weeks – the look of wrinkles is reduced
  • In 8 weeks – the appearance of dark spots are minimized


With a light texture the all-in-one corrective product visibly balances skin tone and grants complexions a gorgeous glow. All with a lighter texture suitable for daily use on normal, dry and combination skin types.


Post Image DBB 13th 10 AM

Cracking the Code: CC vs. BB

All these new product codes can get confusing, but it’s really simple – CC creams provide more intense, potent levels of tone correcting and anti-aging skincare ingredients, as well as effective but sheer, natural coverage. But new Olay Regenerist takes it one step further with a breakthrough 3-in-1 swirl system. The Olay Regenerist CC Cream is the first and only CC cream to blend 3 core elements together in a breakthrough swirl action – a penetrating serum, an SPF15 moisturizer and a sheer foundation so that skin is perfected now and over time. With a light texture the all-in-one corrective product visibly balances skin tone and grants complexions a gorgeous glow.


Post Image DBB 13th 10 AM 1

  • An anti-aging penetrating serum containing Olay’s ‘Essential Glucosamine Complex’ which comprises N-Acetyl Glucosamine (NAG) and Niacinamide to address more chronic tone improvement and clinically proven to enhance dark spot and wrinkle reduction
  • moisturizer with glycerine, SPF 15 sunscreen and anti-oxidant vitamin E providing a powerful combination which adds hydration to and protects the skin instantly improving tone and texture
  • sheer foundation incorporating mineral pigments which immediately blends and matches skin tone delivering natural looking and even coverage




Using the pump action nozzle, press down firmly to combine all three components as it is dispensed from the pack. Smooth evenly over entirely cleansed face and neck on a daily basis. Olay Regenerist CC cream can be used alone or under make-up.

Post Image DBB 13th 10 AM 2



Final Thoughts

Recommended! Olay’s new Regenerist CC Cream feels light as air on the skin!  It instantly evens out the complexion naturally, and without that heavy made up look.  You can wear it alone for day-to-day or under your regular foundation for a beautiful finish.  Serum, SPF 15 moisturizer and a light foundation all-in-one product that feels incredible while it improves the overall look and feel of the skin!  We love <3!!!!


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