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Desi Girls Guide to MAC’s Red Lipsticks


MAC has some quite well known red lipsticks.  But what’s the difference and which one will suit me.  Here’s a break down into MAC’s best red lipsticks.


1. Russian Red


It’s no surprise that Russian Red is the top selling Red Lipstick from MAC.  The color was launched in the 80’s and in 1986 Madonna proclaimed it being her favorite red lipstick making it a runway hit.  There’s been no turning back since then.

Color: Intense Bluish Red
Texture: Matte
Finish: Opaque 


2. Ruby Woo

Ruby Woo is a retro matte red lipstick with a blue undertone.  The lipstick is a very strong red and has an extremely dry matte texture.  It’s a kind of look me type of red.

Color: Blue Red
Texture: Very matte
Finish: Opaque
Intensity: Very strong


3. Lady Danger


Lady danger is a red with a bright coral undertone.  It’s an old Hollywood red, which is bond to get attention.  It’s super bright and super sexy.

Color: Vivid Bright Coral Red
Texture: Matte
Finish: Opaque
Intensity: Strong


4. MAC Red


MAC Red is a true-blue based red that makes you stand out from the crowd.  It whitens the teeth, it looks good an almost any skin tone from very fair to deep dark skin tones.  It’s definitely a bold, traffic stopping red.

Color: Vivid Bright Bluish Red
Texture: Satin (semi-matte)
Finish: Opaque
Intensity: Strong


5. Lady Bug


Lady Bug is a play it safe, beginners red.  It has a sheer glossy finish giving it a softer tone.  It was my first red from MAC.

Color: Yellow tomato
Texture: Lustre
Finish: Glossy
Intensity: Medium


6.  Chilli

Chilli is a classic. It’s perfect if you want a red without any blue undertones.  It’s a warm orangy red, which is not as strong as some of the other reds on this list.  A pretty autumn red, great for day or evening.

Color: Brown-Orange Red
Texture: Matte
Finish: Opaque
Intensity: Strong


7. Viva Glam 1

In 1994, Mac introduced Viva Glam 1 which was an outspoken deep red hue that was universal in appeal and glamour.  After Russian Red, Viva Glam 1 is on the top 3 lists of best selling reds from MAC. It’s a totally retro red but is such an elegant and timeless color.   Did I mention that every cent of Viva Glam lipsticks goes to helping those affected with HIV/AIDS?  Great lipstick, good cause 

Color: Intense Brownish Blue-Red
Texture: Matte
Finish: Opaque
Intensity: Strong


8. Diva

Diva is a very dark reddish burgundy shade.  In my opinion it suits all skin tones, but you must try it on before you buy it to make sure your comfortable enough to wear it.

Color: Intense Reddish Burgundy
Texture: Matte
Finish: Opaque
Intensity: Strong


9. Dubonnet

Dubonnet is a brick red color with a beautiful brown undertone.  It’s not cool so it gives the skin beautiful warmth.  It’s a deeper shade of red that has hints of brown, but still definetly looks red.  Dubonnet is Gwen Stefani’s most purchased lipstick from MAC.

Color: Deepen Claret
Texture: Amplified Cream
Finish: Creamy
Intensity: Strong




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