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LIPSTICKED: What’s Your Lipstick Personality?


There’ve been lots of interesting theories related to us women and our regular usage of beauty products like lipsticks. One of these is the ‘lipstick effect’, which has more to do with economics than beauty, to be honest, and it states that during a recession, women spend more on lipsticks than otherwise. The theory explains that during a recession, women tend to increase their budgets on the more affordable beauty items as opposed to perhaps, giving it up.

Another one of these is the lipstick personality test, which states that the shape of a woman’s used lipstick reflects a lot about her personality.




Even though my lipstick’s shape isn’t exactly the way it used to be, it’s closest to #4 and I’d say my personality comes closest to it, too. Not too sure about the memory, though!

What’s your lipstick shape and do you match your lipstick personality?

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