Black Kohl Comparisons – The Blackest of them ALL!!!


There are different shades of black? Yes, perhaps men can’t tell but these are all different shades of black kohl, not all are the same! There are deep blacks to soft blacks.  Finding the perfect black kohl is essential and every girl is looking for the deepest black with the longest wearing. 

I put together all the black Kohl I had which were a mix of international brands, local Arab brands and from Pakistan.  Have a look at what I found.




1.  MAC Smoulder

2.  Inglot #01 Kohl Pencil

3.  Benefit Bad Gal Waterproof

4. Clinique Intense Ebony #01

5.  Marc Jacobs Gel Eyeliner

6.  Mikyajy Sabaya Kohl (Arab brand)

7.  J Casanova #801 (Mehmood Syed Arab brand)

8.  Saeed Ghani (Pakistani brand)



Deep Black: Clinique Intense Ebony, Marc Jacobs Gel Eyeliner, Saeed Ghani, Inglot #01 and (to be fair I forgot to include MAC Feline in this comparison which is also very dark)

Dark: J Casanova (Mehmood Syed), Mikyajy Sabaya Kohl

Medium Dark MAC Smoulder

Lightest: Benefit Bad Gal

After my test, I washed my arm with Detol hand soap and literally scrubbed it.  These were my results


Budget Proof

Clinique Intense Ebony #01

Marc Jacobs Gel Eyeliner

Benefit Bad Gal Waterproof Liner


Any eyeliner I missed? Please comment below with your experience!


  1. Sanober

    November 19, 2014 at 3:34 pm

    Urban decay 24/7 eye pencil in perversion sooo good and blackest black also maybelline master drama eye pencil is a really good high street dupe of the 24/7 eye pencil

  2. Sana.U

    November 25, 2014 at 12:10 pm

    Stila’s smudge stick waterproof eye liner is THE BEST I have ever used. It’s super intense, and stays on place all day. The only drawback is that the pencil dries fast if it is left uncovered for a few days.

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