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Top Photo Editing Apps!



Regardless of all the arguments that may back or are against this statement, we truly are the selfie generation. Taking a selfie is no more a quick snap f your smart phones front cam, it is a proper art that needs proper equipment and editing apps to take it to the next level. With items like ‘selfie sticks’ and ‘selfie hats’  (yes, a selfie hat by Acer really does exist, as pictured above!) being launched in the market, downloading editing apps is a much better way of getting the perfect selfie!


Pic Lab

Before we get into selfie editing, let’s talk about another phenomena that is oh-so-popular, which is culinary photography over at Instagram. To ensure your food pictures make the viewer drool instantly all over their screen, download Pic Lab! Pic Lab is a great editing app, but what sets it apart from other apps are the versatile fonts you can add to enhance your images! This app has layer based editing, and it’s super addictive!


Cream Cam

Cream Cam is the app for those who have tried to achieve that perfect glowy, dewy skin look but have failed! Don’t worry, most of us are on the same boat, and that is where this skin perfecting app steps in. User friendly swipe actions helps you perfect your skin, get rid o blemishes, annoying untamed flyaway hair and so much more in an instant.  Hello, clear beautiful skin!



Photowonder is definitely the mother of all apps! With function ranging from slimming tools, to brightening effects and makeup enhancements, it really does do everything. Not only is it pretty nifty when it comes to editing, you also have the option of making collages, choosing back grounds and frames to add a bit of fun to your images!

Happy editing!

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