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5 Tips For a Successful Diet!


So you know you need to lose x number of kilograms, yet you’ve been procrastinating about eating those healthy dishes for days. What you need are these steps to be on your way to having successfully changed your diet into a healthier one!



A lot of times, we end up mistaking our thirst for hunger. What you can do is drink water as soon as you wake up, and then after brushing, changing and getting ready, take a walk to the kitchen to get some good, green breakfast. Carry around a 500ml bottle and aim to finish and refill it at least 4-5 times! An hour before any meal, drink lots of water – that way, you won’t be as ‘hungry’ and you’ll swallow down only what you need! 



 When I say measure, I don’t mean weigh yourself. When you work out and tend to build muscles, you’ll gain some mass because muscle weighs more than fat. So often you can mistake muscle building for weight gain.

Now sure, a lot of you might just be like ‘why gain weight in any form, be it muscle?’ But muscles burn cals for you, in case you missed our post on how essential weights are for your exercise regimen (click here). So keep yourself measured so that you can understand the difference since the time you’ve started working out! 



Green tea is not only a powerful antioxidant that boosts your health, it also speeds up your metabolism AND helps you have clear skin as well as fresh breath! 



Have you found yourself walking off to the kitchen, pulling that refrigerator door and staring blankly at its contents even though you don’t hear your tummy rumbling any time soon? Yes, that just means you’re bored. What it doesn’t mean is that you stack up the calories because of this boredom. Next time you’re at danube or hyper panda, invest into a box of your favourite chewing gum so that you never run out of it and can chew it whenever you’re bored.

Keep in mind, this flavour has to be sugar-free. We don’t mean some bubbly, sugary Hubba Bubba!



Keep yourself motivated. Think positively about yourself and tallk to yourself. Learn about nutrition and keep that in mind. A winning attitude will bring out winning results! Remember, results will keep you motivated, so work hard! You can do this! 🙂



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