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Nani K Totkay: Homemade Coconut Milk Hair Treatment


All of us long for softer, more manageable hair. In the quest to get this, we often look for chemical laden products and end up doing more harm than good. In this simple totka, Nani Jaan shares how one can use good ol’ coconut milk as a miracle mix for soft hair . Try this for awesome results !

Ingredients –

Grated Coconut


Clean Cloth




Directions –

1. Put grated coconut in a clean cloth and squeeze out the milk into a bowl.  Repeat this step until you have enough.

2.  Strain the coconut milk to separate the milk and any left over grated coconut pieces.

3.  Heat the milk in a pan and stir to create a thick consistency

4.  Pour mixture into a clean container

You can use this home made hair treatment hot or cold by massaging it into the scalp once a week to help create soft, healthy and shiny hair.

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