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How to Make Your Hair Shiny


Dull lifeless hair? Want some shine? Read our DOs, DON’Ts and learn about some easy home made recipes to attain healthy and shiny hair!


  • Do use “heat-activated” shampoos, conditioners and styling products
  • Do use a deep-conditioning hair mask every week
  • Do use spray volumizing sprays


  • Don’t brush your hair while it’s wet.  Instead use a wide toothed comb or run your fingers gently through your hair.
  • Don’t use finishing products too close to your scalp
  • Don’t use a lot of styling products as they can coat the hair and make it look dull


1. Egg beat 2 eggs with milk and massage the mixture into your hair.  Rinse with cold  water after 5 minutes.

2. Cold water Shampoo and condition as usual just rinse your hair with cold water. Rinsing with cold water adds a natural shine to your hair because it closes and smoothes the cuticles.

3. Vinegar take some warm water and mix in a little vinegar. Rinse your hair with it,  as vinegar adds volume and shine to dull hair.

4. Lemon juice Shampoo hair and rinse as usual. Mix the lemon juice with one  and a half cups of water, and pour through hair. Rinse thoroughly with cold water  leaving hair to dry shinier.

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