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5 Secrets for Healthy Hair!


Luscious, full locks of hair are what make or break your look. With the increasing use of hair products and irons, our hair is bound to look good… but underneath all that mousse and before you strike out that iron, are you sure they’re healthy? We’ve got a few secrets for keeping them healthy that we’d love to share!


All the heat and chemicals are bound to negatively affect the natural health of your hair. I agree, straightening and blowdrying makes your hair shinier and look healthier, but how about you encourage your hair to grow healthy naturally by indulging into some DIYs? We post a ton of them, and the most I’ve heard back about is the Strawberry & Mayo DIY: it really moistens your hair and brings it back to life!

Click here to know how to do the Strawberry & Mayo therapy on your hair!


Maybe it’s not that big of a deal for most of us living in Jeddah/Saudi… we’re technically avoiding the harmful rays of the sun by covering it with the mandatory hijab our attire requires. However, it’s still a major source of damage for instances when sunlight just seems to find its way. The sun makes your hair lighter in colour, dry and brittle.

Tip: Look for shampoos that seem to have UV Protection on it.


If you use the wrong comb or brush for the hair texture you’ve got… you’re not going to have enough of them in some time. Our Hair Stylist Martine Rodda has written out a guide (click here to read about it!) for which hair brush to use for when, so make you’re using the appropriate one!

TIP: Use a comb when your hair is wet, I’d say a wide toothed comb.


A lot of people who get their hair dyed notice them becoming dry and brittle. This is because permanent hair dyes contain ammonia, a very common ingredient in hair products, that also makes them dull and induces split ends.

TIP: Research your dyes and try finding ones that are ammonia-free.


Your hair NEEDS a break. At least once or twice a week, let it down and pamper them with oils and head massages. If you’re one to straighten your hair everyday or curl it every other… give yourself a break. I’m sure your natural hair isn’t bad, and unless you have your own personal hair stylist, if it’s not an occasion, no one will worry about whether it’s silky straight or not. If you give it time to heal and grow naturally, maybe you won’t have to spend hours altering it every other day!


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