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What to Buy from FPW Summer 2014?


Hey Hey Fashionable Followers. Hopefully you guys are feeling fine. I flew from Lahore to Karachi to attend Fashion Pakistan Week Summer 2014 (FPWS2014). It was another fashionable time of my life. I hope you guys have already read my review on DeiBeautyBlog.com. It took me a while to make this blog post, but finally it is here in your service and guidance. As usual I tried my best to get you the best visuals. From each designer I picked my FAVORITE looks and separate pieces. There is something for every personality and age group that you should be wearing this Summer 2014. I hope you like the Images and Close-Ups. Do share your thoughts with moi. Thank You and are Welcome.

Fashion Pakistan Council and Hum TV-PR, thank you for your Love and being so Fashionable.

Now Enjoy my Favorite Picks below. Xo…!

WTFbyBatur-AdnanPardesiGOTA for Good… The Innovative Adnan Pardesi, He is back!

WTFbyBatur-AliXeeshanAli Xeeshan, Fashionable + Entertainment = LOVE

WTFbyBatur-MohsinAliMohsin Ali made me feel I am at London Fashion Week.

WTFbyBatur-MohsinAli2WTFbyBatur-HSYTapuRoberto Cavalli like Beauty, it’s the amazing Pakistani Designer HSY (I personally would want to wear his this collection)

WTFbyBatur-HSYTapu2Love Love Love… Those Pants…!WTFbyBatur-KamiarRokiniFashion + Art = Kamiar LoveWTFbyBatur-DaamanTrue Pakistan High Street Brand Daaman, So Chic

WTFbyBatur-Deepak perwaniModern and Confident = Deepak PerwaniWTFbyBatur-Deepak perwani2Super Urban-ism at Deepak Perwani
WTFbyBatur-FahadHussaynFahad Hussayn Fierce Forever!

WTFbyBatur-FahadHussayn2Couture like Love details in Luxury Ready-To-Wear at Fahad Hussayn

WTFbyBatur-GULABOGULABO by Maheen Khan, She’s Goddess at what she does…
WTFbyBatur-GULABO2Thank you Maheen Khan for showing us Truck-Art not so colorful for a good change. #GULABO

Super Feminine at Faraz Manan…
WTFbyBatur-FarazManan2Classic Ladylike Chicness. Faraz MananWTFbyBatur-GulAhmedThe only Look I liked at Gul AhmedWTFbyBatur-HSYHSY knows. Word!

WTFbyBatur-HSY3Fierce & Fabulous. HSY

WTFbyBatur-HSY2WTFbyBatur-InaayaINAAYA ate a piece of my Heart.

WTFbyBatur-Inaaya4Too Good, Good woman. #INAAYA

WTFbyBatur-Inaaya2Simply Outstanding! Incredible Inaaya

WTFbyBatur-JafferjeesWardha and Jafferjees, Good job!

WTFbyBatur-KayseriaThe Only Two Looks I liked at Kayseria

WTFbyBatur-MahinHussainCelebrate your Woman-ism at Mahin Hussain

WTFbyBatur-MahinHussain2Not Bad, Impressive. Mahin Hussain

WTFbyBatur-NaumanArfeenNauman Arfeen Serves Well…

WTFbyBatur-NaumanArfeen2Great Details. Handsome and Expensive taste. #Nauman Arfeen

WTFbyBatur-NidaAzwerWhite White White Heart Heart. Nida Azwer

WTFbyBatur-NidaAzwer2Layers of Love. Summer Time. Sheer Fabrics. NidaAzwer


No Apologies, We Love Fashion at Nomi Ansari

WTFbyBatur-NomiAnsariDiverse amalgamation of East and West = Nomi Ansari Love

WTFbyBatur-NomiAnsari4Glam Glam Love at Nomi Ansari

WTFbyBatur-SaniaMaskatiyaHigh end capsule collection by Sania Maskatiya in collaboration with Maybelline

WTFbyBatur-SanamChaudhriBeautiful capsule collection at Sanam Chaudhri in collaboration with Maybelline

WTFbyBatur-ShamaeelAnsariDries Van Noten like Fabulous Collection by Shamaeel Ansari. I heart it

WTFbyBatur-ZainabChottaniLiking the Fact that Zainab Chottani‘s this line is more affordable.

WTFbyBatur-WardhaSaleemWardha Saleem‘s Luxury Digital Prints. Beaut!


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