Warm Weather Calls for Warm Tones


Sunday afternoon, sitting in my backyard, 30 degrees plus, yes it is hot! But I’m not complaining! After a cold and harsh winter, I am pleasantly surprised with how warm the wonderful season of summer has been! But with summer comes warm weather AND warm tones! Just take a look around; everyone around you is wearing pastels, and light oranges, purples and pinks! Is this a trend of summer 2014? I definitely think so!


Our outfits of choice usually reflect our daily moods. In the summertime, we tend to be more relaxed, content and laid back- therefore our choice of similar shades on our dresses, cropped pants and accessories. July and August is expected to see a ton of canary yellows, corals and orchids. I love the way one can play up these soft colours.


Prints, patterns, fabrics, everything is seriously exploding with lighter tints to help us feel airy, free and summer-esque. This is one trend that will come back every summer and that excites me! For all we know, a few more months till the return of the Canadian winter and I’ll be back to my fifth shades of black.

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