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Opt For An All-White Outfit This Summer


I don’t know if you’ve noticed but summer brings out not only a colorful mood in everyone, but definitely a more colorful wardrobe as well. And by no means is there anything wrong with that but I’m a sucker for clean and crisp apparel therefore my recent obsession with all white attire.

The season of summer is so great since it allows us to explore with our daily ensembles as we have so many options of pairing. White is such a breath of fresh air as the cleanliness of the look is so flattering to any body type. You can so easily achieve an elegant, chic, and fashion forward appeal when dressed in all white.

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I feel like the perfect white lace or fabric can be even more eye-catching and create such an immense impact when harmonized properly.  A positive to such a get-up also has to be the slimming factor. Head to toe snowy gear exuberates confidence – clearly since the risk of a spill or smudge is often nerve wracking.

So as you plan your flora’s, neon’s and bright yellows, assemble an all-white pre-labour day guise to let the common passerby know that this is a chick who is not only buoyant but one who can also put together a well-structured outfit in which the fear of a blatant stain is not an issue.

Go ahead, rock the white on white trend!

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