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Mad about Jumpsuits!

Just coming back from a month long vacation to Pakistan, it’s always exciting to see what trends and styles are currently relevant. Pakistani fashion is extremely fast paced, creative and so rich in colour and texture. What I didn’t expect was how up to date it was with the wonderful world of western style! Before leaving, I invested in some really great onesies as I find them tremendously comfortable to wear, effortless and trendy at the same time. Walking into a mall in Pakistan, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they were in style there as well!
Mad about Jumpsuits_SAIRA2
I absolutely adore the enrichment of the look through cultural influence. Eastern jumpsuits are so versatile that you can wear them out to any type of function. It can be displayed anywhere from a wedding to a night out with the girls for some cocktails! So vivid in colour and design, these gorgeous pieces are a must have.

One thing I love about fusion fashion is how unique it is.

Mad about Jumpsuits_SAIRA1

Mad about Jumpsuits_SAIRA3
Trending with the western domain as well – these pieces make it easy for an everyday quick look as one doesn’t have to worry about thinking about a top and bottom to pair when this one portion makes it simple by giving you an entire outfit. Extremely low maintenance outfits last long as they are wearable over and over and require very little thought.
Mad about Jumpsuits_SAIRA4
This movement will definitely die-hard as fashionistas and bloggers alike have predicted this trend to last till late fall. So load up now ladies! Get your effortless fashionable looks together and make sure to include a few of these slimming and flattering members to add to your wardrobe family. =)

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