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Back To School Tips


Hello September. Hello Student life. Hello busy times, exams, deadlines and stress! With all of this into account, does this mean your style has to take a back seat to your academia? Not necessarily. With a few suggestions, your daily wardrobe can be as organized as your notes. Here’s how:

Acquire Basics

Picking up several t’s, a boyfriend jean, skinny jeans, neutral comfortable shoes and a few bags/purses will help you as these pieces are something you will use on a regular basis and are extremely versatile.

Back to school clothes

Plan your outfits the night before

By doing this – you’re able to a. sleep in and b. minimize the rush of the morning. Not only is there a lot to do pre-school (breakfast, shower, etc.) but deciding what you’ll wear the prior evening allows you to limit standing in front of your closet and determining what to wear with morning brain. Not my favorite thing to do. =|


Get organized

Now for everyone who isn’t a neat freak like me, this might seem a tad high maintenance. As a student, it’s often consuming to take time out to organize yourself with your outfits. But if take part in activities such as making lists, establishing laundry days, and making a habit out of point number 2.

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