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3 Must Have Coats of 2014


Greetings Fall – officially! Thank you for gracing us with your presence (insert sarcastic face here). I usually am over the moon thrilled with this season but because I live in Toronto and my summer was so short – I don’t know how I feel about coat season just yet. With that said, the positive part of a new season is the new trends that it brings with it. Cooler temperatures are clearly prevalent this time around so a coat, jacket, throw over is necessary. Let me take this moment to review the must have pieces of 2014.

coat 1

My favorite of this year has to be the long trench. This versatile baby will compliment any casual or formal attire you choose to pair it with. Zara currently has a great selection!

coat 2

I have two words for you! ROBE COAT! I am currently obsessed! Ladies trust me when I say – this long cover up is going to be around for a long time so just invest in one that will last you a few seasons!

coat 3

Personally, I think that Autumn certainly has to be one of the trendiest seasons. With that said, we see a lot of interesting styles that may or may not be timeless but either way we embrace them because they look THAT good. Capes fall into this category. Capes come in all shapes and forms so make sure to find one that flatters your body form.

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